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The Swing < back


* Stand straight with your arms extended

* Bend from the waist - approximately 20 degrees

* Bend your knees

* Place your club on the ground


* Stand behind the ball, look at the target, visualise the balls flight

* Walk forward and align the clubface with the target and then take your stance


* The entire body is square (parallel) to the target line. Slight bend from the hips, arms hanging directly down from the shoulders.

The Backswing

1) At the top, the club points parallel to the target. The wrist, arm and clubface are in a line on plane

2) On the forward swing the club travels on the same path as the backswing. From here the angle of approach is correct and the club is in front of the body.

3) The club is in front of the body at impact. The hips have lead the body through.

4) The club has extended down the target line

5) The hips and shoulders have turned through to face the target. A nice relaxed and balanced finish.


* Different swing lengths will hit the ball different distances the abilty to pitch a ball the distance required when you want to is a skill every great golfer must have.

Practice Drills

Lift Foot Drill

If you are topping the ball, this drill will help. Practice swinging the club, finishing with your weight on your target side leg and your back leg off the ground. This will stop you hitting off the back foot and improve balance.

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